2019-03-08 | Simone Temmings


I met JT the founder of TRIS in Malaysia around 2006. We came to KL for an international internship.

Back then, I travelled with a heavy load of bags because we stayed in KL for three months to teach the local kids about the danger of HIV / AIDS.


We would sit in the bar and discuss the differences because JT is from South Korea and I am from Netherlands.

On the day, we depart to home countries, where I was going to Tailand for vacation, he mentioned about the heavy load of bags that I carry on my back. 

We regrouped after a few years for weddings. JT talked about this idea of startup where you don't need to carry heavy load of bags.

Simply, lent the clothings to wear on the destination. I didn't undersand this new concept.

So he showed me the sites below.

Wow, the days are changing and now you don't need to travel with heavy load of bags.

Let's go for it.