Connecting people to excite
travel experiences

TRIS is a platform to connect the travelers with the talented locals.
TRIS believes that locals can tailor your activities and give you an insider's
view on where to go and what to see.

We understand your travels are exciting, but not always does you trip
feel exactly like what you had in mind.
Although planning a trip may be half the fun, we’ve all felt that sensation of
feeling lost sometimes, no matter how well we prepare.

At TRIS, our services are dedicated to make your travel not only seamless,
but far more authentic. TRIS helps you compose your itinerary
and events beyond the conventional tour bus trip
(not that we don’t like our tour buses!).
Tris will connect you to the locals that know our town better,
food that will reminisce, and looks that you’ll brag back home.

TRIS begins in Korea. We will expand globally. Experience what it takes
to be a K-Pop star, or a reality show character for day.
TRIS will also provide themed tours to make your travel extra unique.
So, what are you waiting for? Start arranging with our services and let the
excitement spark even before the trip.